Dr Sunitha Krishnan and Bro Jose Vetticatil, the founders of Prajwala are a rare breed of individuals who have committed their lives for the cause. Both of them are fulltime volunteers in Prajwala.

Sunitha Krishnan

Sunitha Krishnan is a rare breed of individual who has committed her life as a fulltime volunteer in Prajwala. A mental health professional, she has done extensive research and is essentially a field practitioner. She has been instrumental in rescuing thousands of women and children from sex slavery and restoring dignity to them. Sunitha Krishnan is making it possible for India's government and citizens organizations to manage jointly a range of protective and rehabilitative services for women and children who have been trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation. For her humanitarian efforts she has been recognized world-wide with numerous awards and accolades. Government of India honored her with the fourth highest civilian honor "Padmashree" in the year 2016.

Bro Jose Vetticatil

Bro Jose Vetticatil is an engineer by training. As a brother belonging to the order of Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel, Bro Jose has been committed to the cause of deprived for the last 28 yrs. He has been involved in post-earthquake rehabilitation efforts in Latur. His main contribution has been in the field of technical training for deprived boys. As the Director of Boys Town, a reputed technical training institute for 9 yrs Bro Jose was instrumental in creating a self sustaining production cum training center.
As the erstwhile president of Prajwala, Bro Jose is not only the guiding force behind all interventions but is also the master mind behind all the economic rehabilitation programs.
After leading the organization for 9 years and shaping all its interventions Bro Jose Vetticatil passed away on 18th Sep 2005.