The Chief Functionary’s July 2012 appearance on Bollywood Star Aamir Khan’s television show Satyamev Jayate was instrumental in not only raising huge funds but also connecting with business owners willing to provide work placements for survivors. In addition, the Chief Functionary sensitized over 3,000 corporate houses through the INK and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE) conferences in October 2012, which were widely recognized in online and printed media and press. During her talks, Dr. Krishnan showed the trailer for Prajwala’s upcoming film project Na Bangaru Thalli (also known as Ente), which is expected to be the most powerful tool to create anti-sex trafficking awareness in the country. The public attention she has drawn by speaking publically about her own experience and those of the rescued girls has not only inspired numerous other activists and workers in the field but also garnered significant support from entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.

In January 2013, the citizens of Kerala had the opportunity of witnessing the premier of Prajwala’s independently produced film entitled Ente in Malayalam. This riveting true story aims to raise awareness about the horrific crime of sex trafficking and spread the cause of a slavery-free world. Produced by Dr. Sunitha Krishnan and directed by world-acclaimed director Rajesh Touchriver, this movie—based on a true incident—leaves the viewer emotionally stunned and even haunted by what they witness. As a “family thriller”, Ente not only explores the consequences of sex trafficking that tests the vulnerability of trust in human relations, but also forces people to question how safe they really are in society, and who is to take responsibility for such social ills. The Chief Minister of Kerala Shri Oomen Chandy, Dr. M.K. Muneer, the Social Welfare & Panchayat Raj Minister along with other distinguished guests attended the debut audio release of Prajwala’s film in December in Kochi. Overall, after its release the movie reached a total of 200,000 people.

Prajwala also operates an Anti-Trafficking Resource Cell (ATRC) which actively collects, collates and disseminates information from the field to people worldwide through email updates, narrative donor reports, research publications, documentary films and more. ATRC this year has evolved a monthly newsletter containing department happenings and thought-provoking articles on various issues related to sex trafficking and sexual violence. Every month the newsletter reaches over 5,000 supporters of Prajwala.

In addition, not only is the Chief Functionary’s blog followed by thousands for its very powerful writings, but Prajwala is also active on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and micro-blogging. Throughout the years, such social media as well as awareness programs and sensitization events have helped Prajwala reach close to 7 million people in India and throughout the world. With the hopes that a trafficking-free society will soon come into being, Prajwala continues to seek solidarity with other like-minded individuals and organizations to join the global movement for attaining justice for all victims of sexual violence.