'In my case, the ultimate destination is an ignanimous death'. Main Aur Meri Sachain is a film about a young woman in prostitution questioning the society on a highly pertinent issue-Who is the cause for my being here? Questions to wives and families who scorn them... to the society at large which sustains flesh trade
Addressing the stigma, discrimination that women in prostitution are subjected to, the issue of male demand for prostitution is raised
The film leaves the audience with profound and thought provoking messages-where progress for women in prostitution is sysnonymous to with rapid degradation of soul, mind and body, which belies the normal prosperity associated with career progression. Should we then legitimize this trade as the oldest profession?

NEEDALU-AN INSIDERS VIEW ON THE WORLD'S LARGEST CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE OF FREEDOM AND FEAR (30 mins, Telugu, English) BHAGNAGAR (10 mins, Hindi) Me & Us (23 mins, English) Me & Us (23 mins, English) Astha - An Ode to Life (25 mins, English) Building Bridges (20 mins, English) A Chance to Live (25 mins, English) Anamika - The Nameless Aparajita (25 mins, English) The Man, His Mission (20 mins, English) Agni - (30 mins- Hindi)

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Three ad-spots have been made

  • Girl Child - in collaboration with Suresh Productions. Tollywood superstar Venkatesh endorsed this ad against trafficking. (click video)
  • Plight of HIV affected children - in collaboration with CRS. Tollywood superstar Pavan Kalyan endorsed this ad. (click video)
  • Trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation - in collaboration with CRS. Tollywood actress Prema endorsed this ad. (click video)