Social reintegration is the ultimate aim of all rehabilitation programs. This reintegration consists of the survivor being able to live in the mainstream world with dignity and pride. Most victims who have come to Prajwala for support are survivors today living and adjusting in the normal mainstream society. Many girls have found partners for themselves, many are living on their own and some of them have been effectively reunited to their families. The process of reintegration is a long and tedious one and filled with a lot of difficulties. Sometimes in spite of all the efforts there have been instances of re-trafficking. Although strategies for reintegration are ever-evolving, Prajwala has explored three primary forms of reintegration: family reunion, marriage and independent living.
Despite many challenges in the realm of reintegration, Prajwala has achieved significant progress throughout the years:

    • Since Prajwala’s inception, over 5081 women were reintegrated with their families over the years and this number went up by 132 in 2013.
    • More than 80 survivors have gotten married.
    • In the past 2 years, 115 girls got government housing and 30 more are living in group homes.