Prajwala believes that…

  • Each individual has a unique role to play in combating slavery, and every effort to support the cause is equally important.
  • Contributing to the cause of Prajwala does not mean having a physical presence in the organization.
  • The movement to end sex trafficking can be fought anywhere in the world, in a myriad of different ways, and begins with the change you create in yourself, your family and your community.

Prajwala welcomes volunteers with the following qualities:

  • Passionate and dedicated to preventing sex trafficking and other forms of modern-day slavery.
  • Willing to take the extra mile to commit time and energy to the cause because they believe it is as important as their own life.
  • Able to think outside the box and explore new ideas with creativity.

Opportunities for Distance Volunteers:

There are innumerable ways for those who believe in a slavery-free world to stop sex trafficking and contribute to the cause of Prajwala across the globe (for more information, feel free to download our ready-to-use Resource Toolkit):

  • You can educate yourself by learning and understanding the facts through accessing internet resources, books and documentaries.
  • You can develop prevention and advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about sex trafficking in your home country and across the globe.
  • You can start a program or develop a project by joining local organizations, starting a movement or opening a vocational training center, drop-in center or shelter for survivors.

Volunteers can also create a Friends of Prajwala group in an educational institution, workplace agency or community (for detailed guidelines on how to start one, please click here). We can send you materials such as films, posters, flyers etc. for your discussion group.

  • Conduct fortnightly gatherings to discuss issues such as what is sex trafficking, what are the contributory causes, how can we prevent trafficking and assist victims directly or indirectly, etc.
  • Inspire people to contribute directly to Prajwala monetarily through innovative means.
  • Motivate magazines, newspapers, social networking websites, television channels and other media outlets to carry anti trafficking messages both against supply & demand.
  • Organize monthly awareness-raising events with high school or college students, employees, colleagues, friends, church or temple members, clubs or organizations.

If you are a student volunteer and would like to receive academic credit or recognition for your outreach efforts, we would be willing to vouch for you. We kindly request that you document each program and send us a detailed report or photo-essay that provides a track record of your progress. If the occasion warrants and events effectively match the mission and objectives of Prajwala, approval will be given under the discretion of the Chief Functionary.

Opportunities for Volunteers in Hyderabad:

As our mission is to fight an organized crime, we are not in a position to take many in-house volunteers. There are strict stipulations as to whom and the number of people we let in. We would love to take volunteers, but please understand that we face tremendous limitations such as time constraints, security concerns and lack of personnel that limit who we can invite into the organization.

Depending on the needs of our departments, we encourage long-term volunteers with the requisite qualifications and skills who are willing to commit to at least 2 years working with our organization full-time. The areas of expertise we are looking for include medicine, mental health, counseling, education, law, advocacy, social work, and psychiatry.

If you meet the above requirements and would like to give yourself and experience social transformation, you can participate in our organization in the following ways:

    • Provide specialized training courses to staff and women on life skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, financial management, governance, yoga & meditation, etc.
    • Support us with your professional skills such as documentation, marketing, web designing, and legal aid to further our cause.
  • Join one of our departments such as Community-Based Prevention Program, Prevention through Education Program or Economic Rehabilitation Program to enhance all operations.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, we kindly request that you submit a proposal to outlining the type and duration of your involvement along with your CV/resume, and we will inform you if the description fits our current needs.

In extraordinary circumstances, we allow professionals or qualified organizational staff with at least 5 years work experience to contribute for a minimum period of 6 months. Due to the extremely sensitive nature of our work, Prajwala is not interested in volunteers for the purposes of photojournalism, filmmaking, fieldwork, research, tourism or other activities that involve exposure to or interaction with our staff or the victims that we serve.  If you are not an Indian citizen and would like to directly support our frontline interventions, regional language competency (Hindi or Telugu) and prior exposure to the Indian context is required.