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About Prajwala

Prajwala is a pioneering anti-trafficking organization working on the issue of sex trafficking and sex crime. Established in the year 1996 in South India, Prajwala has pan India and International operations. Prajwala works on the five pillars of Prevention, Protection, Rescue, Rehabilitation & Reintegration. As one of the most powerful voices advocating nationally and globally for victim centred services, Prajwala in its 25 years of existence has assisted the police in rescuing over 24,000 women and girls from sex slavery and facilitating their journey for recovery.

18 Million

Women and Children are Involved in Sexual slavery in India


Women and children are forced into prostitution through threats and coercion each year

65000 Children

Below the age of 16 are trafficked each year. Some of them are as young as 5ys

90% Trafficking

In India happens inter-state. Only 10% of the trafficking is international

From the founders desk...

It is over two decades since we started our mission to end sex trafficking. When I started this work with Bro Jose Vetticatil little did I know how far we would traverse…Responding to a need, with no financial resources in hand we started our journey. We banked on our conviction and integrity to show us the way ahead. As the needs in the mission grew our efforts expanded and so did our requirements to mobilize resources. It was not easy to constantly keep the ends together…it was depleting to constantly take one step forward and be thrown 20 steps backward. But some eternal light (Prajwala means an eternal flame) lead us on. In spite of all the trails and turbulence, not once we felt compelled to give up…something kept us going.

And that ‘something’ at times was your support, at other the achievements of our children and girls but most of the times the ‘smiles’ that we have restored. We will continue to fight for a safe world for our women and children having complete faith in your trust and solidarity.

Together we will end sex slavery across the Globe! I wish to interact with those of you who would like to start/expand this mission in your own geographical areas. Every month on a designated day and time, I will be available for a live chat from this webpage on exploring the possibilities of spreading this mission world-wide. Do send a mail to my personal ID to block your time. I will notify the date on the Current News section in the beginning of the month.

Sunitha Krishnan


Inter-Ministerial Committee has been set up by Government of India to draft the comprehensive legislation on Human Trafficking as result of the final decision in Public Interest Litigation(PIL) 56/2004 filed by Prajwala.

July 2016

Prajwala formally moved out of Charminar to a safer permanent location. After 20 years in various rented spaces, the organization finally was able to set up its own premises. Team Prajwala is grateful to thousands of friends and well-wishers who made this possible.

January 2017

Swaraksha, a pioneering community awakening caravan to combat sex trafficking lead by survivors working in Prajwala directly reached out to 1 million people in 53 districts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Odisha in a span of 160 days. The campaign was in collaboration with US Consulate of Hyderabad, Catholic Relief Services,Misereor, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Govt of Telangana, Govt of Odisha and 30 NGO partners.

January 2017

Anamika : Survivor Tales

Her impeccant smile of a 14 year old, her delight at being able to make a beautiful greeting card for me, her stolen glances through the evening session and her secret smile when my eyes caught hers. I walked up to her after the evening prayers, held her hand and thanked her for the most beautiful card. She gripped my hand and eagerly asked, “will you come to my delivery please? My baby will be born on my birthday next month”.
- Innocence of a 13 year old ….

She demanded I sit with her in the 70km bus journey from office to shelter, very authoritatively. I obliged, knowing she doesn’t know she is being rude. On the way we spoke about the beautiful full moon, and of her daily-wage labour parents. This dominating 20 year old stopped talking suddenly. When I chanced a glance at her, I saw her wiping her tears rolling down her cheeks. On enquiring, she whispered “You remind me of my mother”.
- All for survival ….

The depth of her eyes looking at me, the warmth of her palms clasping mine, the truth in her voice when she sang ‘Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi’ in her distinct hilly voice, staring through my eyes into my soul; who would say this 17 year old beautiful singer lost her sanity at the age of 5 being gang raped by 6 men in Nepal.
- Broken permanently ….