To end demand for paid sex to combat sex trafficking


To engage with male buyers of paid sex and provide them three tiered counselling for behaviour modification

To prevent recidivism of buyers by sustained follow up

This is a unique intervention that was started in collaboration with Hyderabad City Police. Located at Gopalapuram Police Station, this intervention is referred as ‘Vikalpa’ and provides intensive counselling to sex buyers apprehended by the police. The buyers are spotted when they come to solicit paid sex on the streets. The male counsellors posted in this unit provide professional counselling followed by counselling sessions by the family and faith leaders. In spite of initial hostility and resistance the impact of this intervention is very high indicated by low rate of recidivism.

Till date (2023) 1500 sex buyers have been provided counselling and the feedback has been positive. The areas around this intervention covering the Hyderabad City Centre have lower incidence of street prostitution.