Victims of sex trafficking, subjected to sexual violence, go through irreversible psychological damage and are vulnerable to be infected by a range of sexually transmitted infections. Most often the issue of reintegration with the family becomes a distant reality as families are reluctant to accept responsibility for the victim's upbringing fearing negative societal impact or many a times it is difficult to reunite the victim with the family as they might be traffickers themselves. This aspect combined with HIV/AIDS completes the cycle of rejection. Rehabilitation is the sum total of multiple processes including psychological healing,economic empowerment and a civic identity.All this leads to the successful integration of a survivor in the society.Although institutional care ideally is the last option, there is absolutely no doubt that temporary/transit institutionalization is inevitable to facilitate holistic rehabilitation. The duration of stay in a Safe Home is individual specific depending on various factors including legal status of the case, family acceptance, family safety etc. Prajwala has explored multiple strategies to address all aspects of rehabilitation.