Media Advocacy

10 Short films and documentaries have been made, ‘Anamika-The Nameless’ a documentary on sex trafficking won several national and international awards and is also part of curriculam in several academies. ‘One Life No Price’ made for UNODC is one of the most watched short films on human trafficking

Swaraksha Campaign was done in collaboration with several television channels.

#ShameTheRapist campaign was spearheaded on the social media.

‘Naa Bangaaru Talli’(my dearest daughter) a telugu feature film based on a true story of sex trafficking won three National awards,four State awards and 9 Internationa Awards.

Short Films and documentaries to sensitize communities on various aspects of sex trafficking and sex crime.

Blogging and using social media to create public opinion on sex trafficking and sex crimes

Collaborating with television channels to create mass awakening and critical consciousness on the impact of sex trafficking

Media Partners to support campaigns or specific issue-based intervention

Feature films to reach out to masses to awaken them regarding dangers of trafficking and inspiring them to take positive action.