Post admission

  • Victim Witness Statement Assistance
  • Recover victims belongings and minor children from the place of exploitation/brothel
  • Assist in preparation of victims to identify accused
  • Prepare victims for court procedure – for cross examination both chief and cross

For Release

  • Assists courts in validating the identity of the claimant
  • File for release petitions for victims in court if no family member claims custody

For reintegration

  • Conduct Home Investigations to ensure safe family and community environment for victims for family reintegration
  • Safely drop the victims back home across the country after receiving release orders from the court
  • Collaborate with respective country’s embassy and international NGO for repatriation of international victims
  • Follow up with released victims to ensure their well being and that they are not being re-trafficked


  • Collaborate with Child Welfare Committee for legal formalities involving child victims, facilitating parent visits for minors
  • Collaborate with public prosecutor for conviction of traffickers and exploiters
  • Collaborate with various welfare departments for civic benefits provision such as housing scheme, Aadhar card, Ration card