One of India’s most passionate human rights activist who has committed her life to end sex slavery globally. Working as a full-time volunteer for the mission, Ms Krishnan is the brain behind Prajwala’s evolution. For the last two decades her contributions to the anti-human trafficking sector has gained national and international attention. As the founding Chief Functionary and General Secretary of Prajwala she is responsible for strategic planning of all interventions. Sunitha Krishnan is the head of all Prajwala Operations and continues to expand its interventions.

Ms Krishnan is an advisor to several State Governments to develop holistic victim services and also plays an important role in the Inter-Ministerial Committee at the national level to draft comprehensive legislation on human trafficking. She was honored with the fourth highest civilian honor “Padmashree” in the year 2016. Ms Krishnan was also declared the Tallberg Global Leader for the year 2016.

Late Bro Jose Vetticatil was an engineer by training. As a brother belonging to the order of Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel, Bro Jose was committed to the cause of deprived for 28 yrs. He was involved in post-earthquake rehabilitation efforts in Latur. His main contribution was in the field of technical training for deprived boys. As the Director of Boys Town, a reputed technical training institute for 9 yrs Bro Jose was instrumental in creating a self sustaining production cum training-center. Bro Jose Vetticatil was the first President of Prajwala. Inspiring and motivating the team to take up the mission to a higher level, Bro Vetticatil was responsible for the strategic planning of the economic empowerment unit.

He set up Prajwala Enterprises which is responsible for restoring dignity in the lives of thousands of survivors of human trafficking who gained livelihood skills in this unit. On 18th Sep, 2005 Bro Jose Vetticatil at the age of 48 passed away due to a massive heart attack.


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