Goal : Prevent second generation and inter-generational prostitution through the provision of education and vocational skills.


• Provide holistic education through educational centre and open school for vulnerable children who could be potential victims of prostitution.

• Provide vocational skills and access to sustainable employment for vulnerable young adults.

• Foster community participation in the implementation of the intervention

Prevention Through Education Programs (PTEP) Centers

Educational Center


Children from class 3 to 6, aged 8 to 14, belonging to severely impoverished background not having any family support and care and who are vulnerable to be sex trafficked.


To enable children have the confidence and knowledge to study with other children in regular schools. . The objective of educational centre is to provide these children access to education and prepare them for mainstream schools.
Education in English, Urdu, Hindi, Telugu, Mathematics, Science, Social studies is provided by qualified teachers with emphasis on personality development, self- motivation and equal opportunity through planned activities.
Every year children who are prepared are admitted to regular private or government schools. The organisation supports the fees and educational material of these students till they complete graduation.

Open School


Young adults – 14 and above, mainly girls, at highest risk of being trafficked and belong to vulnerable families such as orphans, step daughters, single parent, disabled, economically backward and children of prostitutes who are school drop outs.


To ensure vulnerable school dropouts get back to the education fold by helping them prepare for high school exams and connect them to the option of ‘open school’ Qualified teachers bring these children up to the level of 10th standard so that they can appear and clear the 10th board exam, thereby opening avenues for higher education

Vocational Center


Young adults age 16 and above who have completed or completing their basic education, and are at high risk of being trafficked due to their family background or personal financial condition


To skill the youth in alternate livelihood options so that they can earn a living through dignified jobs and not be forced into prostitution to eke a living. Qualified skill development partners conduct time based programs for skills training on different vocational skills and provide access to job placement to youth who have completed the training successfully.

Prevention Through Education Programs (PTEP) – Genesis

PTEP has been the genesis of Prajwala and the oldest running Program of the organization. Prajwala was started when a group of women in prostitution requested Dr. Sunitha Krishnan way back in 1996, to help their children get educated so that atleast they can have better opportunities. One of the first teacher, Ms Tehseen who joined Prajwala 20 year ago is still working at the center, located in one of the largest slums of erstwhile AP state.