Objective: Prevent trafficking at source - both demand and supply

To empower young & vulnerable girls with the knowledge of sex trafficking and tactics used by traffickers so as to prevent them from being trafficked.

To awaken communities on the consequences of trafficking and generate support to curb trafficking in their region.

To awaken men on the impact of trafficking on women and generate support from them to curb demand for paid sex.

Create community vigilant groups who can be the voice of anti-trafficking in the communities

Across each vertical, community vigilant groups are created from among the participants, who are the eyes and ears of any anti-trafficking activity in their region as well as voice of awareness against commercial sexual exploitation in their community. Participants are also given a choice to be signatories to campaign against sexual exploitation of women.


School programs

Target group

School children from 7th to 10th standard, mostly girls who come from relatively underprivileged backgrounds and are at risk of being trafficked through deceit or force by means of love affairs, job offers in cities or early marriages.

Conducted at

government high schools for girls and co-ed schools across both the telugu states.

Hostel programs

Target group

children from 7th to 10th standard, mostly girls who come from severely backward, vulnerable and impoverished families and are at highest risk of being trafficked due to their family backgrounds.

Conducted at

KGBV government free residential hostels across both the telugu states.

Village programs

Target group

General villagers – parents, men, women and young adults.

Conducted at

hamlets and villages with population upto 5000 across both the telugu states.

Anti-demand campaigns

Target group

Men and boys who constitute demand for paid sex.

Conducted at

schools, colleges, auto-stands, auto unions, truck drivers associations, mens clubs


Swaraksha, a community awakening caravan was launched by Prajwala in collaboration with US Consulate of Hyderabad, Catholic Relief Service,Misereor and the Governments of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha to awaken the community against trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.


Swaraksha was the largest campaign in the world spreading the message on anti-trafficking, reaching 53 districts across three states and more than 1 million people in 90 days.


During the caravan, more than 130 cases of sexual assault were brought to light, and assistance was provided to victims. Telangana government announced every third Saturday as Swaraksha day, to promote state wide awareness on the subject.


Seeing the outreach and success of the program, the caravan was replicated/adapted in 7 countries and 10 Indian states